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180byTwo joined forces with DemystData in order to “[help] clients discover, access, and test hundreds of data products.” What this move means is that 180byTwo will be able to be integrated with DemystData’s “already-growing repository of over 500 data products.” 180byTwo’s CEO, Eric Shaffer, thinks that this move will strengthen the playing field in terms of the “broader data ecosystem.” On the other hand, Adam R. Fisher, SVP of DemystData, says that this agreement will provide data-driven organizations with the ability to “ultimately harness more data for their marketing use cases.”

180byTwo is the leader in providing DAAS (Data as a Service) solutions, both in the B2B and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) fields. 

DemystData is a EDaaS (External Data as a Service) “platform that helps clients discover, access, and test hundreds of data products.” 

Recently, these two companies have announced a partnership that takes advantage of 180’s AI-driven solutions and Demyst’s data collection.

What’s in it for Demyst customers as a result is that they can test and purchase 180byTwo’s highly accurate and AI-powered data offerings. “Demyst’s EDaaS offering combines concierge data recommendations, first-party data job enrichment, and the merging name-brand data products into a single view that enables users of the platform to deliver data directly into a wide variety of enterprise systems globally.”

As for 180byTwo customers, “as a provider within Demyst’s infrastructure,” they can bring together powerful B2B and B2C solutions without needing an outside data management vendor. 

According to 180byTwo’s CEO Eric Shaffer, becoming part of the Demyst ecosystem is exciting because with that inclusion comes value. “With DemystData being a significant player in the data space, along with their strategic focus on bringing innovative data solutions to their clients, 180byTwo’s DaaS products such as AccountLink, eCHO, and Xplorer felt like perfect additions to their marketplace.”

Adam R. Fisher, SVP of DemystData, says that the combination of Demyst and 180 will give marketers more options and allow them to discover the potential of what their data can do for them.

Original article from PR Newswire on 1 April 2020. 

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