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A Service Solution That Pulls Out All the Stops at BPA WorldWide and Centro



BPA Worldwide (BPAWW) has announced that it’s offering a ready-to-go solution for ABM as part of a broader initiative to launch audience-based advertising. This new solution takes advantage of the partnership BPAWW has made with the digital service provider Centro, and their tech platform, Basis. If advertisers want their audience targeting efforts to be successful, they need scale, which is what this new solution offers customers. Basis collects far-flung media campaigns and simplifies them into a single interface for ease of access. 

BPA Worldwide is an assurance provider that provides third-party audience verification to advertisers and agencies for events. Recently, they announced that a solution marketers can use “right out of the box” in their Account-Based Marketing efforts. This solution is only made possible through a brand new partnership they formed with Centro—a digital media service provider.

Specifically, this new partnership provides BPAWW with access to Centro’s tech platform, Basis. In essence, the platform pulls together scattered or disorganized media campaigns and combines them so that advertisers are looking at a united interface. Essentially, Basis puts an end to “siloing,” which has been a problem for marketers, particularly in ABM attempts. 

Centro’s VP of publisher solutions, John Hyland, said in a statement that B2B publishers already have an abundance for first-party data. The partnership provides publishers with the convenient ability to scale campaigns extending beyond the reaches of first-party ownership.

This has been a hot topic in the B2B community—getting audience extension stretching beyond the confines of owned and operated sites. Advertisers need scale if they want their audience targeting efforts to be successful, which is where this new partnership with Centro comes in.

In addition to equipping publishers with the ability to collapse their campaigns into a single view, this partnership enables them to buy, analyze, and bill media campaigns. Basis is the most thorough digital media platform in the industry.

According to the VP of BPAWW Media Exchange, Scott Roulet, BPA’s media exchange has always been about quality. To get that quality, you need a team of experts like Centro.

Original article from Cision on 18 October 2019. 

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