Acacia Waller is Triblio’s New VP of Customer Success



Triblio has hired Acacia Waller as its new VP of customer success. She’s responsible for keeping Triblio’s retention rates steady as the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) company grows. Specifically, she will also be in close collaboration with other team members “to help expand Triblio’s ABM Success methodologies, identify new training and educational opportunities for customers and translate customer feedback into the product planning cycle, according to the company.” She comes equipped with significant revenue generation experience from her previous job.

Triblio is an ABM (Account-Based Marketing) platform. Specifically, it’s used to perform 1:1 account targeting tasks to scale. Triblio recently announced that Acacia Waller will step into the role of VP of Customer Success. 

Broadly speaking, as Triblio is a growing company, Waller’s job is to maintain Triblio’s retention rates. More specifically, Waller will work alongside of the Chief Customer Officer, Andrew Mahr. 

Together, they are expected to build upon customer success initiatives, including “[identifying] new training and educational opportunities for customers and [translating] customer feedback into the product planning cycle.” In addition, the pair is also tasked with enlarging the company’s step-by-step process for ABM success. 

Waller is no stranger to revenue generation, either. For example, at the company she was working for prior to joining Triblio, she almost hit the twenty-fifth percentile in generating service revenue. 

That company, Fishbowl Inc., deals in the “marketing and advertising” department. 

In a statement released by Waller concerning Triblio’s announcement to take her on, she named Triblio as the most customer focused company she’s ever come across.

Waller added that marketers worrying about their jobs is something she wants to help with. She wants to make their jobs as easy as possible. 

She finished her remarks, saying she’s excited to be on this adventure with Triblio. It’s a company truly dedicated to its customers. 

In light of that statement, Triblio is a company driven by its need to make a significant impact on the industry. But as a customer-focused company, it’s presence in the industry means very little if they’re not delivering service that positively impacts the lives of their customers.

Original article from MarTech Advisor on 15 January 2020. 

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