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Adobe installed a new EVP & GM of their digital experience business. It’s Adobe’s aspiration that if they provide innovative platforms, applications, and services, they can target a market that will bring in a significant amount of revenue by 2022. Their recent acquisition of Marketo was part of this plan. To that end, Adobe viewed the deal as supplying an all-in-one suite of services to its customers. Adobe is still in the process of transforming to bring in new customers.

Adobe has a new EVP and GM on its team, Anil Chakravarthy. Serving under the CEO directly, he’ll take the reins of Adobe’s Digital experience business. 

It’s Adobe’s hope that by providing innovative platforms, services, and applications, they can gain some ground on a market predicted to bring in significant revenue to the tune of $84 billion by 2022.

To help achieve that goal, that’s why Adobe bought-out Marketo, adding to Adobe’s suite of services. Marketo is now part of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Adobe commented in 2018 that the acquisition of Marketo brought together everything Adobe offered with “Marketo’s lead management, and account-based marketing technology for B2B organizations.”

According to the CEO of Adobe, Adobe is thrilled to have Chakravarthy as part of the team. His record is very strong when it comes to being the force behind business growth. 

The CEO continued, saying that, “Adobe is the clear leader in the exploding Customer Experience Management category, and I cannot think of a more exceptional and experienced candidate than Anil to drive Adobe’s Digital Experience business in 2020 and beyond.”

In a statement, Chakravarthy commented that “building an experience business is mission-critical to their growth.” He also said as Adobe is the leader in providing the next level in the infrastructure that serves as the foundation of a business. 

Chakravarthy wrapped up, adding that he’s over-the-moon by joining Adobe’s team.

As for Chakravarthy himself, his credentials include the following: 

“Informatica, where he served as CEO since January 2016. He joined Informatica in September 2013 as executive vice president and chief product officer, responsible for product development, product management and product marketing. Under Chakravarthy’s leadership, Informatica transitioned to a private company following a $5.3 billion buyout and delivered significant innovation and product releases to its thousands of customers across the globe. During this time period, Chakravarthy shepherded Informatica’s move into cloud and subscription services.”

Original article from on 8 January 2020. 

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