Announcing: New Updates to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Encourage Selling Virtually



LinkedIn has released new updates for its Sales Navigator. These updates promote selling on a virtual basis, as well as creating and maintaining relationships. These are buyer-centric updates—the point of them is to help marketers reach out to businesses so they can sell to them. The updates come with a handful of functions revolving around buyer interest alerts and relationship building. 

Professional networking service, LinkedIn, has recently released a series of new updates to its social selling platform, Sales Navigator. 

The purpose of these updates is to assist marketers in their virtual outreach efforts for the purpose of selling to, and creating or maintaining a relationship with,  target accounts.

That said, there are five features about these buyer-centric updates, which are based on Buyer Alerts and cultivating relationships:

°  Interest Notifications: Marketers receive alerts based on intent topics, which provide them with the chance to engage early on

°  Notification Relevancy: Allows marketers and sales reps to customize buying events by enabling organization of Buyer Interest Alerts

°  List Enhancements Provide Insights: Enables sellers to arrange their research into actionable insights for marketing and sales teams to foster better relationships

°  Improvements to CRM Sync: “… which marketing and sales can use to simplify their daily processes, including auto-saving lead, account and contact data to increase their teams’ effectiveness when fostering customer relationships.”

Naturally, these updates would help out significantly to cultivate relationships when the traditional methods of doing so have been brushed to the wayside. 

These updates would also support Account-Based Marketing, which hasn’t been doing well, according to The Drum, the biggest marketing website in Europe. More specifically, about ABM, says eMarketer principal analyst covering B2B and marketing transformation at Insider Intelligence, Jillian Ryan:

“How do you target those people when reverse IP address detection doesn’t work as well as it did when we were all in office? And as you know, cookies are going away. To prepare for this, B2B advertisers should be focused on growing their first-party data set.”

Suffice it to say that these updates to Sales Navigator would help here, too, as it is based on virtual selling. Marketers can use the intent alerts from the updates to notify them anytime someone engages with an account and deliver them personalized messing relevant to that engagement. For example, that’s what Facebook does when users interact with a Facebook Page. 

Ultimately, Sales Navigator can help customize your approach to accounts based on the kinds of content they respond to. The updates to Sales Navigator make this process easier by emphasizing the relationship between marketer and account. 

Original article from DemandGen Report on 13 August 2020. 

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