Brainshark and TopOPPS Team Up to Tackle the Sales Cycle



Brainshark and TopOPPS have brokered a strategic partnership to provide the best platforms to manage sales. TopOPPS provides insight into sales issues before they become significant problems and Brainshark offers the training necessary to correct what’s causing the problem in the first place. The purpose of the deal is to make the job of the sales rep more efficient and faster. According to the CEO of Brainshark, the partnership also removes obstacles by “continuously marrying sales training with pipeline activities throughout the sales cycle.”

Brainshark is a sales-enablement and training platform. TopOPPS is an AI-enabled sales pipeline manager. Together, the two companies have brokered a deal to offer the best in sales management solutions.

The purpose of the strategic partnership formed between these two companies works like this: TopOPPS provides insight into the sales pipeline to the extent that inconsistencies can be found before they become bigger problems.

Brainshark, on the other hand, as a sales readiness platform, offers training. So naturally the marriage of these two companies produces an offering in which errors in the sales process can be identified and once pointed out, can be addressed with coaching opportunities. 

This new solution tracks what the sales rep is doing every step of the way, suggesting training content for any skill gaps identified in the sales rep.

Both companies have commented that, “the integrated platforms are designed to make it easier and faster for sales reps to access the most relevant learning content at points of maximum impact.”

According to the CEO of TopOPPS, Jim Eberlin, CRM is overused by many businesses analyzing their sales pipeline. This isn’t the best way to achieve that goal. Basically, when companies analyze their pipeline with CRM, it collects a lot of data. Not all of it is meaningful or useful. And what’s sales going to do with mountains of data they can’t do anything with?

In a statement by Greg Flynn, the CEO of Brainshark, he added that the union of Brainhark and TopOPPS should pave the way for businesses seeking to generate revenue. In addition, this is only possible because sales training and the sales pipeline have been linked.

Original article from DemandGen Report on 29 January 2020. 

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