Demandbase Gives Leadership Team A Boost with New CRO



Demandbase recently tapped Allison Metcalfe to head up its revenue strategy. She’s in charge of sales, advertising, and success teams. Metcalfe has a solid record of leading revenue teams while cultivating new leaders. The CEO of Demandbase said that the organization is thrilled with their choice and that their selection is the perfect person for the job. Metcalfe has been with Demandbase previously as a Customer Success leader. She’s also has experience in leadership positions at a handful of other companies. 

Demandbase is a powerful player in the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) landscape. They recently decided to expand their leadership team by selecting Allison Metcalfe as their new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). The idea is to push past revenue goals.

The move signals a shift in the B2B marketing leadership terrain while Demandbase remains true to meeting its goals.

Metcalfe is no stranger to leadership, marketing, sales, and customer success. She has a prior record of leading revenue teams while cultivating new leaders. Metcalfe will be responsible for Demandbase’s revenue goals and strategy.

In a statement, Gabe Rogol, the CEO of Demandbase, commented Demandbase is thrilled with their decision. This is because Metcalfe represents the perfect candidate.

Here’s why:

“Metcalfe joins Demandbase after a successful seven-year stint at the leading advertising technology company LiveRamp. Throughout her career, Metcalfe has had extensive experience creating business lines and building teams to drive growth. She was responsible for creating LiveRamp’s customer success function before moving onto building LiveRamp TV, the company’s TV advertising division, which helped them establish a net new revenue stream from the $80+ billion TV advertising industry, and now accounts for 10 percent of their over $300M in annual recurring revenue. More recently, Metcalfe held the role of Senior Vice President of Field Strategy, Productivity, and Partnerships.”

Metcalfe has said previously that the chance to work with Demandbase again is an “incredible opportunity.” She can’t wait to grow businesses using Account-Based Marketing. 

Original article from PR Newswire on 14 September 2020. 

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