Demandbase Shares Results From Massive ABM Market Research Study



Demandbase recently released findings from its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Market Research study. The point of the study in the first place was to analyze how revenue teams operating in the B2B space could perform at their best. The CMO of Demandbase believes the study demonstrates its valuable for any company, regardless of size. The data yielded several valuable insights about which companies are practicing ABM effectively and which aren’t. Demandbase predicts the returns on ABM will increase in the coming years.

Demandbase is an authoritative voice and ABM provider in the ABM community. They recently released a market research study on ABM. The point of the study was to find the best way for B2B revenue teams function effectively. 

Peter Issacson, the CMO of Demandbase, said that the results only serve to back up what Demandbase already believed about ABM. 

Issacson continued, saying that “This research reveals a lot about how ABM is fueling growth in the B2B world. It reinforced what we’ve believed for a long time now, that the companies that have the proper ABM foundations in place and have been dedicated to the strategy for the long haul enjoy very high levels of success.”

These findings were collected before the current public health emergency currently engulfing the nation, but they still reveal helpful information.

A few of the major discoveries businesses can take away from the study are:

°  Nearly half of the companies in the study agree that marketing and sales alignment will be a priority for them this year

°  From 2019-2020, companies witnessed upticks in their ABM budget

° Advertising, marketing, software, and IT firms were the frontrunners in taking on and carrying out ABM programs 

° The qualities that top performing companies had in common

The study forecasts, based on its findings, that the returns on ABM will increase as time progresses. 

Demandbase makes the prediction that “it will be increasingly important for businesses to have a dedicated head of ABM and that increases in specific channel investments will also take place once foundational ABM measures are set.”

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