Demandbase Shatters Records While Businesses Are Sticking to ABM



Demandbase set records in terms of growth in Q3 2020. The company is also ahead on profitability by half a year. This is due to the success of their customers, as companies continue digital transformations and to double-down on Account-Based Marketing (ABM). And as Demandbase’s clientele tend to be global brands, they “shifted ‘in-person’ and field marketing budgets to digital for greater scale and measurement.”

Demandbase is the leader in ABM. They recently broke growth records in Q3 2020. At the same time, they also came out ahead on profitability to the tune of six months. 

This is because of their customers’ success as they continue digital transformation and invest in ABM programs. 

As Demandbase’s clientele tend to be global brands, they “shifted ‘in-person’ and field marketing budgets to digital for greater scale and measurement.”

In a statement, the CEO of Demandbase, Gabe Rogol, commented that digital transformation is happening at an accelerated pace, and businesses that take on a digital or account-based strategy are the future. This is where Demandbase can help by increasing revenue and boosting retention, growth, and profits.

This news precedes Demandbase’s decision to combine platforms with Engagio to create a turbocharged ABM platform. 

In fact, Demandbase has a history of innovating in 2020 with the combination of different solutions “that enable revenue teams to align around target accounts, provide personalized experiences, and drive growth.”

In particular, “Demandbase has added Jon Miller as Chief Product Officer, Brian Babcock as Chief Technology Officer, Allison Metcalf as Chief Revenue Officer, and Supreet Oberoi as Senior Vice President, Engineering.”

Demandbase further shows their strength as a leader through recognition by renowned organizations such as Forrester New Wave, Business Insider, San Francisco Business Times, and the Inc. 5000. 

In totality of these achievements, Demandbase is positioned to do well in Q4 and exceed growth expectations in the ABM category.

Original article from PR Newswire on 21 October 2020. 

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