Enlift Outreach Efforts Perfected With Bombora Integration



Enlift integrated with Bombora recently. The business will use this integration to perfect the outreach efforts they provide. The move prioritizes a preemptive approach to account outreach through the intent of the buyer. Of note, the integration provides an additional trio of noteworthy capabilities that deal with buyer engagement, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign customization, and account identification. According to the Founder and CEO of Enlift, Lokesh Dave, Enlift is always looking for ways to provide value to its customers so the integration with Bombora is only natural. 

AI-enhanced sales intelligence provider, Enlift, has recently taken action to integrate with the intent data service provider, Bombora. Enlift has plans to work Bombora’s Company Surge Intent into its platform.

This decision enables Enlift users to figure out which accounts are active so they can categorize accounts based on intent. Capabilities available as a result of this integration with Bombora include:

°  Intent identification to improve account outreach

°  “Create, segment and customize ABM campaign targeting and messaging using Bombora’s intent data”

°  Find and define likely customers with meaningful information to keep them engaged

The Founder and CEO of Enlift, Lokesh Dave, had a few words he released in a statement. He said that Enlift is always looking for opportunities—ones that provide added value—for customers. 

Dave believes that integrating with Bombora was right for Enlift and was the next step in the natural progression of the company’s trajectory. 

As he continued his statement, he added that it’s primarily because of this integration that Enlift can identify companies that are looking for solutions that closely align with their marketing needs.

Dave finished up what he was talking about by also stating the following:

“By enabling customers to identify the businesses that are a good fit for their solution, as well as understand those that are indicating purchase intent, allows them to focus their sales and marketing efforts on the right businesses at the right time.”

Original article from DemandGen Report on 28 August 2020. 

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