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Four Tips for the Modern Marketer



As marketing strategies and technologies change, so should the habits of a good marketer. Sometimes that means re-thinking the basics of a good marketing strategy, like listening to the consumer, effective communication, and always keeping things customer-focused. 

For as long as marketing has been around, there have been many differing opinions and approaches on how to best practice it. And when the political sphere of the world begins to mess around with how your company operates in the form of new regulations, it’s always a good idea to think about relevance.

Drew Neisser, CEO of Renegade, has a brief list of tips for the modern marketer to stay relevant in their area of the market.

As ABM is customer-centric, complimenting it is a company-wide approach to listening activities. There are a variety of ways to make you a better listener, and in more ways than one. The way brands typically listen to customers is through many different channels. 

Customer satisfaction surveys and social listening are among the tools most commonly used. While effective in their own right, lasting change is often derived from communications and product development. 

And the need for change is real, especially in our technology driven world. Content marketing often relies on technology. And it’s no passing craze, either, with more than eight out of 10 marketers taking up the craft. 

That craft relies on consistent communication in the form of a content calendar. However traditional content calendars tend to distract marketers from creating sharable content and customer-based calendars.

A customer-centric calendar, as opposed to a brand-centric calendar, is a good way to innovate and distinguish yourself from the herd. Setting yourself apart can also be easy as using techniques such as print advertising in a digital age.

You can use these distinguishing techniques in your product development and customer insights, as well. It’s all a way to stay relevant in our rapidly shifting world.

Among the things that change in marketing are metrics. More specifically, it is important to focus on the correct metrics to drive business growth. Ignore alluring vanity metrics such as open rates and click-through conversions. Instead, focus on what’s more important—the customer journey. 

The B2B customer journey is a very complex one—and also one that involves a decision by committee in order to get things done. A decision by committee implies that multiple people need to sign off on something before the it gets approved.

By focusing on telling a story that breaks the mold and inspires these committee types, you can tailor a message to go with that story to get it in front of the individual faces that matter. It’s through this way you can stay relevant to your customers.

Original article from Forbes on 8 January 2019. 

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