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Jon Miller, the CEO of Engagio, was interviewed to provide more information about the platform, how it approaches Account-Based Marketing (ABM), and to discuss how companies sustain growth given the shifting roles marketing and sales play. To that end, Engagio provides a new account-based perspective to add a new way to see systems such as CRM or marketing automation. Miller sees ABM as personalized marketing that works together with sales to win over accounts. The best advice he could give prospects and clients is to consult with sales more than usual.

Jon Miller started Engagio in 2015 to be an account-based platform specifically designed to handle engagement. 

Miller was recently interviewed by ClickZ to speak a bit about the platform, the way it handles ABM, and how companies are growing despite shifting roles for marketing and sales. 

Because of Miller’s experience with numbers—he had studied physics at Harvard—he was able to slip right into the world of management consulting. He started Marketo with the COO of a company, Epiphany, that he was with eight years prior.

After years of getting acquainted with ABM with Marketo, sooner or later, Miller wanted to build a new company (which was Engagio). To do so, he left Marketo. 

Miller’s definition of ABM is that it isn’t tech—it’s about fundamentally changing some things about how your marketing and sales teams work together. “ABM brings a wholesale focus to your largest accounts, so that you’re not only landing but you’re also expanding.”

Miller believes that the reason why marketing and sales departments tend to be disjointed is because of their focus. Sales is more attuned to the present, while marketers are more for next quarter gains. 

Looking forward, Miller wants Engagio to be a good marketing platform, not just a good ABM platform. This is because marketing is changing so much so fast. In that sense, Miller sees a lot more companies coming together in the oversaturated martech space and consolidating. 

But that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be as many options to choose from in the martech space—only that some will close and others will open and remain open.

The best advice he could give prospects and clients is to consult with sales more than usual.

Original article from ClickZ on 15 April 2020. 

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