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AdDaptive Intelligence has recently unveiled B2B Connected TV (CTV) and audio solutions. These new offerings get prospects through the funnel with ease by using both on and offline data. Using that collection of data, the company can then access clients’ key accounts. B2B CTV expands targeting to an already engaged audience, and that engagement is fostered with the addition of audio content, such as radio channels and podcasts. AdDaptive Intelligence utilizes Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to make the data obtained with B2B CTV and audio solutions readily usable.

AdDaptive Intelligence is a top contender in the ABM and B2B intelligence world. They recently announced new additions to their offerings—B2B CTV and audio solutions. 

The object is to get prospects through the funnel faster using a combination of both on and offline data. From there, companies can expand their targeting to include the clients’ key accounts.

B2B CTV is recent; it has a lot of potential, and it “enables brands to expand their targeting to an audience that is already engaged through any internet-connected device using television as a display.”

In a statement, Co-Founder of AdAdaptive Intelligence, Kevin O’Malley, commented that what makes these solutions work and how it separates them from the pack is its post-campaign analytics. 

O’Malley also said the B2B CTV cuts wasted spend by making sure the customer’s target audience is reached. This is done through “validated B2B IP data, refined firmographic targeting capabilities, a wide range of device accessibility, and premium channel inventory.”

Engagement is also encouraged on AdDaptive Intelligence’s B2B CTV offering with audio content, such as radio channels and podcasts. This gives brands another way to reach and engage target accounts. 

AdDaptive Intelligence then takes advantage of ABM with the insights gained from their B2B CTV capability. The Co-Founder of AdDaptive Intelligence, Patrick Shea, said that this is where AdDaptive Intelligence excels because it has the best post-campaign analytics in the market. 

B2B customers can meet their business goals using a combination of strategy, quality data, expert targeting, and precise analytics. AdDaptive Intelligence is capabie of providing all of the above. 

AdDaptive Intelligence is the industry’s most “well-rounded B2B advertising solution.”

Original article from Martech Series on 9 November, 2020. 

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