Introducing: Terminus Engagement Hub for Full-Funnel ABM



Terminus recently announced a new offering for its customers called the Engagement Hub. The purpose of the Engagement Hub is to unite different experiences such as Advertising, email, web, and chat, under a single platform. It simplifies the process of reaching demand and revenue goals. The Terminus Engagement Hub offers an easy-to-use interface for revenue teams to succeed.

Terminus is No. 1 as an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform rated by its customers. It recently announced a new offering—the Terminus Engagement Hub. 

As a whole, the purpose of the Engagement Hub is to make ABM a less complicated process through the unification of various experiences, including advertising, email, web, and chat experiences, under a single platform.

In addition, the Terminus Engagement Hub makes running “multi-channel marketing campaigns [that] drive demand and achieve revenue goals” a much simpler process. It boasts enhancements to its existing functionalities, such as “Trended ABM Scorecards, and new target account list building rules all in a unified interface.”

In a statement, the Chief Product Officer at Terminus, Bryan Wade, stressed that ABM has more importance now than ever before. This is because marketers have to be responsible for bringing in “quality top-of-funnel activity” while keeping the existing customer base satisfied. On top of that, marketers have to do this digitally. 

Wade concluded the statement by asserting that now “with the Terminus Engagement Hub, our customers can own every point of engagement with target audiences and track all activity at the account-level in a single platform.”

The new Terminus Engagement Hub comes equipped with five different capabilities:

°  ABM Platform That’s Integrated and Full-Funnel

The Engagement Hub provides easy access to the Data Studio, every Engagement Channel, and Measurement Studio

°  New Account-Based Engagement Channel—Terminus Chat

Customers are now able to have revenue-driving conversations online via the Chat from Anywhere function

°   Trended ABM Scorecard

Enables customers to identify “success across market segments over time, prove value, track win rates and compare performance to prior periods”

°  Improved Data Studio Actions

Enables customers to “filter accounts advertising performance and engagement metrics” to help determine better courses of action

°  New Data Studio Functionality for List Building

Users can now “import and connect Salesforce Account IDs and push lists across engagement channels while also connecting those audiences to powerful measurement and attribution analytics.”

Original article from BusinessWire on 22 July 2020. 

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