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True Influence launched a cloud for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) recently. Its purpose? To generate account-based demand on all channels.  More specifically, it provides users with the data necessary to get the most out of their marketing and sales campaigns. The True Influence Marketing Cloud isn’t just a solution for ABM, though; it can be used with a combination of marketing tactics. This solution is also responsible for delivering verified data to customers. Broadly speaking, this solution combines everything that’s great about True Influence and merges it into a unified tool. 

True Influence is an intent data provider. The company released a new solution for demand generation lately. It’s called the True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud. What the company’s ABM Marketing Cloud does, basically, is take all of what works well about True Influence and put it to use into a “single, comprehensive demand generation suite.”

According to the CEO of True Influence, Brian Giese, recent events in public heath have forced marketers to perform just as efficiently as they did before but with less resources. The intent data provider simplified ABM so it’s easier to scale through the creation of a unified solution for account orchestration. 

This new resource puts actionable information into the hands of marketers and gives them the means to act on it. For example: The True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud “provides B2B marketing and sales organizations with comprehensive, verified insights into accounts, buying groups and individual prospects who make the final purchase decisions.”

This way, companies can get the most ROI out of their marketing spend. 

In addition, “True Influence provides high quality data that powers the total market and reach analysis, engagement reporting and campaign performance forecasting.” This is complemented by the fact that the True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud isn’t just for ABM. It can be used with a combination of marketing tactics. 

Those who use the True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud are also able to glean “real-time intelligence into which programs and assets are delivering account, buying group and decision maker engagement with powerful intent insights, analytics and reports.”

Original article from PR Newswire on 26 August 2020. 

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