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Salesforce’s “State of Marketing” report unveiled the fact marketers are making the most out of their budget with more efficient channels. The data is extensive and representative—“[with data] from nearly 7,000 marketing leaders across the globe, spanning six continents.” The report also forecasted the rise of AR and VR in the coming years with “transformational impacts by 2030.” In addition, the report data from Australia and New Zealand uncovered three trends:
1. Marketers are increasingly using AI to manage customer data
2. Expectations from customer, to business and societal expectations is speeding up digital transformation
3. Customer relationships are more valuable than ever because of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and a shifted emphasis on different metrics

Salesforce released their “State of Marketing” report. The data shows that marketers are using the budgets they have in the smartest way possible by using more efficient channels. One of those ways is by implementing ABM.

The findings in the report is representative with data “from nearly 7,000 marketing leaders across the globe, spanning six continents.” 

Specifically focusing on data from Australia and New Zealand, new trends in marketing were discovered.

In the first place, marketers are using AI to get the most our of the customer relationships they formed. “In Australia, marketers are expected to go from five data sources this year to seven projected data sources in 2021.” Further, AI helps to scale ABM efforts to make it a sustainable growth strategy.

Secondly, also due to recent events, new pressure put on customers, businesses, and society at large is forcing digital transformation. “In Australia innovating is one of the key priorities for marketing leaders, while insufficient organizational structure and processes is one of their top challenges.” ABM is helpful here as well because it’s an agile method to marketing.

Lastly, the final trend found in the data revealed that “Marketers increasingly track metrics like customer satisfaction, digital engagement, and lifetime customer value to gain a holistic picture of what’s working and what isn’t across the customer journey.” ABM is a good solution because of its inside-out approach that solves the customer’s problems, rather than focusing on selling prospects and clients.

In summary, to be able to gain business growth, more marketers than ever before are fully-embracing ABM, judging from the metrics tracked, transformations had, and AI used in New Zealand and Australia.

Original article from AdNews on 3 June 2020. 

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