New SiriusDecisions Research Reveals Trust and Transparency Are Key to B2B Buyer Engagement



The VP of Portfolio Marketing for SiriusDecisions, as well as the Principal Analyst of the same company, hosted a keynote during Forrester’s SiriusDecisions Summit 2020. Experts shared professional knowledge, including: how to build trust, how to get buyers to stay plugged into the buyer’s journey, how to de-stress the buyer and how to make it easy for the buyer to place an order.

SiriusDecisions is a B2B research and advisory firm with a global reach. They recently hosted a keynote at the SiriusDecisions Summit 2020, where they unveiled research indicating the role trust and transparency play in B2B buyer engagement.

According to the Principal Analyst for SiriusDecisions, Steve Casey, buyers need to see content that supports your reputation as a vendor with proof. This builds transparency and trust, and goes a long way toward sustaining buyer connectivity. 

VP of Portfolio Marketing at SiriusDecisions, Amy Hayes, added that if marketers want B2B buyers to remain connected to the buyers journey, involve them when decisions are made.

“Connecting with buyers is more than having a 1:1 relationship. It’s also about going above and beyond to remove a buyer’s frustrations. SiriusDecisions’ 2019 B2B Buying Study found that 42% of buyers trust their peers’ opinions when making a purchase decision, highlighting the importance of connection and presenting businesses with an opportunity.”

B2B buyers need to be empowered to ask questions and receive support when needed in order to be nudged along a conversion pathway.

But as buyers move along that pathway, being prepared to handle objections never hurts. To that extent, most firms make preparations by putting out content. Most of the content distributed turns out to be unhelpful to the buyer. 

This is because the content doesn’t adequately address buyer needs. Marketers need to show the buyer that they know and care about them without prospects and customers ever having to be concerned in the first place. 

For this reason, chatbots are a good idea because not only can they help address buyer concerns, they can also be on all channels at the same time. And these virtual assistants are constantly improving with every interaction. 

Chatbots free up resources so organizations can prioritize maintaining a good marketing and sales alignment. 

Hayes concluded that proper alignment creates a better customer experience for the buyer. This is better than only prioritizing the sales process.

Original article from DemandGen Report on 24 June 2020. 

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