RESEARCH: If ABM is a Priority for Marketers, Why Do They Struggle With It?



Campaign Stars, Folloze, and Terminus—all B2B marketing platforms—conducted research that revealed why many B2B marketers have trouble with Account-Based Marketing (ABM). They found that personalization is a huge factor in eliminating barriers to successful ABM implementation. Surveying about 300 “senior-level sales and marketing professionals,” they found that while “more than half” believe ABM’s the right way to go, a separate finding indicated 51% also have difficulty creating personalized experiences “at the account and vertical level.” A solution to this problem would be to use platforms to create that personalization at scale.

Campaign Stars, Folloze, and Terminus are all B2B marketing platforms. Together, they commissioned a study that sought to find out why marketers have trouble with ABM if they say it’s a priority for them. What those platforms found as that even though many marketers—53.8%—are certain ABM is what they should be doing, 51% have problems with personalization.

The research involved a survey of nearly 300 “senior-level sales and marketing professionals to explore key ABM issues and challenges, including relevant technologies, use of ABM pillars, and companies’ confidence in implementing and scaling ABM.”

Although those are significant numbers, “nearly one-third (31.20%) were neutral on ABM as a strategy.” The platforms conducting the survey reasoned that this was probably due to underdeveloped knowledge about ABM and the processes needed to do it successfully.

Other interesting findings of the survey include the fact that even though about 150 of the marketers surveyed were “confident” in ABM, of those, another half were comfortable doing it on a programmatic scale. 

Another statistic is that over a quarter of those marketers surveyed personalized individually; slightly less than a quarter forgo personalization entirely. 

The solutions to these problems, especially given current events, is ABM platforms—the use of which would allow personalization at scale. 

According to the VP of Marketing at Terminus, Justin Keller, “Marketers are hungry for a single source of truth, and delivery of integrated ABM is what we envision as the future of marketing.”

Keller concluded his statement, saying that, “Full-funnel ABM requires aggregating first and third party data into a single ABM platform so sales, marketing, and customer success managers can take action with the right message at the right time.”

Original article from MarTech Series on 21 May 2020. 

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