Terminus Buys-Out Four Companies in Three Years



Terminus has acquired the predictive data company, GrowFlare. GrowFlare specializes in taking advantage of AI, together with psychographics, to profile accounts. The CEO of GrowFlare, Matt Belkin, has said that their solution can find ideal accounts in as little as three seconds. Belkin joins Terminus with a wide variety of experience under his belt. This, guiding the solution, will help customers target accounts faster and more efficiently.  Belkin also commented that the company leverages technology not widely available to the B2B world. 

Terminus is the leader in the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) movement, helping B2B businesses connect with accounts. Recently, the Atlanta-based company acquired its fourth company in three years. 

The acquisition, GrowFlare, is a predictive data company. It takes advantage of AI and psychographics to profile accounts, contributing to helping businesses grow revenue. 

It works a lot like other services that curate content for its users, such as Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, etc. The goal is to profile accounts for customers. 

In a video to Tim Kopp, who happens to be the CEO of Terminus, GrowFlare’s CEO, Matt Belkin, commented that their technology can find ideal accounts in as little as three seconds. 

In addition, GrowFlare seems to have intent data capabilities, as the solution can actively discover what prospects are interested in and researching. 

Belkin also said that the technology GrowFlare utilizes isn’t yet widely distributed in the B2B world. 

According to MarTech Series, Belkin:

“joins Terminus with more than 25 years of experience in building and scaling technology companies, most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer for Domo where he helped lead the company to a $2.2B valuation. Prior to Domo, Belkin served as Vice President of Customer Strategy for Adobe, and prior to Adobe was a part of the team at Omniture that helped grow the company’s revenue from $20 million in 2004 to more than $1 billion in 2013.”

In the end, Terminus’s move to acquire GrowFlare signals to their customers that the company is always trying to find better, more efficient ways to target accounts.

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