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Triblio is set to release a series of educational videos on Account-Based Marketing (ABM). The first season aims to address basic ABM questions with the goal of becoming more specific in the future. The questions will be answered by Andrew Mahr, Triblio’s Chief Customer Officer. He’s excited about this opportunity because these videos are a wonderful way to get marketers information about what can be improved in their ABM strategies.  

Triblio is an ABM platform. More specifically, Triblio is set to release educational videos on the topic of ABM. These videos address basic questions such as “How do I use intent data with an ABM strategy?,” for example. To that end, these videos will be called, “Ask an ABM Expert.”

The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of Triblio, Andrew Mahr, plans to field these questions with the intention that they will become more sophisticated as time wears on. The point of the videos is to mirror the challenges he faces everyday in his job as CCO answering similar questions.

In a statement released by the CCO of Triblio, Mahr is excited for the success of this initiative. He feels that it’s the right way to convey information ABM marketers can actually use in a format that is convenient for them. 

Mahr concluded that Triblio’s new video series on ABM will provide marketers with the know-how to keep pressing forward in their ABM efforts. Mahr feels that Triblio can use its status as an expert in the field to help marketers achieve their ABM goals.

As for the series itself, the first installment of it—that is, the first three episodes—are available to view today. A regular release of a new video will occur on a Tuesday every two weeks.

Future guests on the show are expected to be thought leaders in the ABM industry, including organizations that have partnered with Triblio. SiriusDecisions has also been a guest on the series.

In fact, according to VP, Principal Analyst of Account-Based Marketing at SiriusDecisions, Bob Peterson, although ABM has seen an explosion of growth, many marketers don’t know how to use it in the most effective way. These videos are a great source to share ABM insights.

Peterson was a recent guest on the series. 

Original article from DemandGen Report on 28 January 2020. 

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