Uberflip and Conex: Coming to a Theater Near You



Leading up to their annual Conex conference, Uberflip will be putting on a Conex “Content Experience Tour” with 8 stops across North America between February and April of 2019. The tour aims to deepen the conversation about content marketing, and give marketers a chance to network and learn. 

The leader in cloud-based content experience, Uberflip, has made the decision to take their conference on the road for the first time ever in “Conex: The Content Experience Tour.” 

This tour will be held before the renowned event, Conex: The Content Experience Conference. From February 6th, 2019 – April 11th, 2019, the tour will appear in 8 cities between the United States and Canada. These cities are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Toronto.

Covering such a broad area, the tour stops will feature influencers in the field who’ll forge connections with the many people expected to attend. These professionals will have expertise in digital marketing, ABM, and content marketing. They’ll also advocate and stress the significance of the buyer’s journey as it relates to the content experience.

Featured in the tour are well-known marketers from all across the spectrum. They’ll be  representing such companies as Orbit Media Studios, Heinz Marketing, Inc, and Salesforce. These companies will also join Uberflip to share their strategies and successes. 

Further, the tour will engage marketers by having lighthearted and impactful workshops. These workshops will enlighten them on how to create unique content experiences to rally engagement regardless with both existing customers and prospects.

Uberflip is eager to maximize the effect of last year’s B2B marketer get-together. They understand that the best content experiences start with a solid understanding of it. In particular, they specifically will give tips on how to position and market content, as well as deepening the discussion about the content experience.

It’s a valuable experience for marketers seeking to buy into creating a hypnotic content experience. Such a content experience will motivate your prospects and customers to instantly take action.

The goal of the tour is to gather marketers together in a mutually reinforcing environment where they can learn and connect. At the same time, this makes a potent combination of ingredients. It may give marketers that spark to get out there and create and take ownership of their own content experience.

Partner companies for Uberflip’s pioneering Conex: The Content Experience Tour, include such names as Terminus, PFL, and Demandbase.

Original article from PRWeb on 8 January 2019. 

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