xiQ Earns Five Badges on G2 for ABM



Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform, xiQ, recently earned recognition in ABM in the form of five badges on G2, a peer-reviewed business software review website. The majority of badges are centered on being a high performer, while the minority focused on support and momentum. Companies are beginning to reckon with xiQ based on what its customers say. Founder and CEO of xiQ, Usman Sheikh, said he’s thankful for xiQ’s clients and what they said verifies the power of the platform.

xiQ is an ABM platform that recently was recognized on G2. G2 is a peer-reviewed business software review website. Speaking in more precise terms, xiQ earned five badges on G2—three related to being a top performer in the ABM category, while the other two were in the support and momentum categories.

To be clear, the exact awards were: 

  • High Performer 2020
  • High Performer Enterprise
  • Best Support Enterprise
  • High Performer Small Business
  • Momentum Leader

These badges were in large part thanks to big-name xiQ clients, who completed a thorough questionnaire about xiQ’s performance in the areas the platform was recognized in. This allows xiQ to take the lead in these categories as a cutting-edge ABM platform.

In a statement, Founder and CEO of xiQ, Usman Sheikh, said that xiQ was created by looking at how B2B (business-to-business) sales and marketing interface with AI (Artificial Intelligence). As such, great pains were taken to make it a “comprehensive all-in-one marketing and sales platform hosted in the cloud.”

He continued, saying that the result of those efforts make for a “streamlined and more agile set of processes that unify B2B sales and marketing while radically lowering total cost of operations.”

Sheik concluded his statement by thanking xiQ customers, and that “these recognitions are a testament to the veracity of our visionary solutions, echoing the real voice of our customers who are realizing xiQ’s value in a new, congested setting.”

And while not in the majority of the type of recognition earned, xiQ also earned a badge in customer support. This is because of their customer support team, which is complemented by xiQ’s intuitive solutions. 

Original article from MarTech Series on 14 July 2020. 

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