Demandbase Declares ABX As ABM’s Next Goal



Demandbase has let it be known far and wide: Account-Based Experience (ABX) is the future of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Demandbase realized ABM is too marketing-focused and because of that, it’s not geared toward engaging buyers on their terms. The Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Demandbase likens ABM to fishing with primitive tools: it works, but it’s not the best way to get the job done. The CEO of Demandbase believes embracing ABX widens the industry.

An innovator in the ABM industry, Demandbase made a statement when it defined ABX and announced it as the future of ABM. The ABM platform realized that ABM leaves something to be desired with reaching buyers because of the nature of ABM.

After all, it’s Account-Based Marketing. “Marketing” implies that sales and other departments aren’t involved in the process. To clear up any misunderstanding, Demandbase offered a definition of ABX:

“ABX [is] a go-to-market strategy that uses data and insights to orchestrate relevant, trusted marketing and sales actions throughout the B2B customer lifecycle. ABX is a fundamental, customer-centric rethinking of the account-based go-to-market, rooted in an intense focus on the customer experience at every stage of the buying cycle, using intelligent insights to know when and how to engage and what to say to each account.”

In a statement, the CPO of Demandbase, Jon Miller, said that ABM is kind of like “fishing with spears.” He went on to mention while that may work, it’s not exactly the most effective way to get the job done.

Miller added that “ABX lets us work with modern buyers on their own terms: anonymously when they want to be, helpful and relevant when they are ready, and always based on trust.  It’s a much better customer experience and it delivers much better long-term results.”

The CEO of Demandbase, Gabe Rogol, believes that adopting ABX will do wonders for customers and their “go-to market strategies.”

Original article from PR Newswire on 17 March 2021. 

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