Demandbase Grows Revenue After A Successful 2020



Demandbase has had a prosperous 2020, and the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform has plans to continue that streak. This is noteworthy given the “financial uncertainty” 2020 has brought, onset by current events in public heath. The company is positioned for continued growth with their recent team-up with former standalone ABM platform, Engagio, to create Demandbase One—the most comprehensive ABM solution. There is a lot of buzz in the industry about this, especially with the expansion of Demandbase’s leadership team and partner ecosystem. 

Demandbase is the most comprehensive ABM platform on the market. Recently, the company has announced that it has had a superb 2020. They have plans to continue growing revenue in 2021. 

This is noteworthy given the “financial uncertainty” 2020 has brought with the shift from in-person advertising to digital, onset by current events in public health. 

And so, Demandbase intends to continue this winning streak in 2021, especially with the release of Demandbase One—an ABM “superplatform,” created by joining Demandbase and former standalone ABM platform, Engagio. 

The release of the most comprehensive ABM platform on the market has shaken up the industry with their extended reach into financial and business services in addition to tech.

For example, the CMO of visibility platform, FourKites, Steve Rotter, said (of Demandbase One):

“Our experience has been great, and we’re thrilled to partner with Demandbase to help fuel our growth strategy. In just a few months it has become one of our team’s most valuable tools. We currently leverage Demandbase One to increase visibility and campaign optimization, identify surging accounts for easier targeting, and use heat mapping to measure the performance of our content. I’m looking forward to doing more with ads and hyper-personalization. We’re excited about the potential and the vision for the future with Demandbase.”

Demandbase has also said that they’re expanding the partner ecosystem with several integrations, including SalesLoft, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, PFL, and LiveRamp.

The CEO of Demandbase, Gabe Rogol, said that they’ve strengthened their leadership team with people who bring value to the company. These same people will help Demandbase to foster a “culture of operational excellence.” 

Original article from Martech Series on 4 February 2021. 

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