Demandbase Launches New ABM Platform After Acquiring Engagio



Summary of summary: Demandbase has released a new Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform called Demandbase One. The solution combines everything that’s good about Engagio (which Demandbase recently acquired) and runs it through Demandbase’s AI. This combination of technology enables customers to get a better understanding of ABM and their accounts to close more deals. The platform boasts a variety of features to turbocharge marketers’ ABM efforts, including account targeting, attribution, orchestration, personalization, and advertising properties.

Demandbase, a top contender in the ABM arena, has put out a new ABM platform that emphasizes and singles-out “accounts across various channels for higher deal win-rates.” 

The platform is called Demandbase One, and it comes just after Demandbase’s acquisition of Engagio. Engagio’s technology is used to understand the customer before Demandbase’s AI is used to target key accounts.

This solution helps revenue teams to understand ABM and gets marketing and sales to work together so they can target and engage accounts. 

In a statement, the Chief Product Officer of Demandbase, Jon Miller, commented that the team is proud to deliver this platform quickly without taking shortcuts. 

Miller also said that the team didn’t have to come up with a new innovation, either. All they had to do was combine existing technology for best-in-class capabilities. 

Demandbase One’s suite of offerings include:

°  Account Prioritization using functions in the Demandbase platform

°  Accurate Ad Delivery to accounts

°  Best Account Engagement with personalization features

°  Scaling and Orchestration ofmarketing automation to provide “more meaningful account interactions through audience segmentation”

°  Attribution Tools to measure “ROI, pipeline and revenue.”

Gage Rogol. the CEO of Demandbase, said that the B2B landscape is shifting. “Digital transformation has accelerated, while buyer journeys are more complex and the decision-makers in purchases are more difficult to reach. Demandbase One represents a giant leap forward for Marketing and Sales teams and their ability to effectively manage the modern customer journey and scale for significant growth. We have built a platform that will truly transform the way B2B organizations do business today and in the future.”

Original article from DemandGen Report on 12 November 2020. 

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