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Folloze Tightens Up Implementation Gap Between Marketing-Directed ABM Programs and Sales-Delivered Pipeline



Marketers are investing more and more into account-based strategies in a search for personalization despite these stressful times. That’s why Folloze released its Targeting Dashboard. During this public health emergency, sellers need to provide value at every touchpoint with sales. Many tools fail to do this because they’re focusing on just part of the customer journey, not all of it. To address this, Folloze unveiled a string of platform innovations that “enable marketers to orchestrate a closed-loop ABM program and drive pipeline revenue with sellers.”

Based on the current condition of the marketplace, vendors require a more personalized touch to their marketing. As such, vendors deliver that personalization through an account-based strategy. 

This is true especially now, with the recent focus on public health:

To succeed, sellers must add value to every sales interaction through personalized experiences and deep account engagement. Unfortunately, most ABM tools and practices focus on the beginning of the marketing process through ads and account segmentation but fail to close the loop with highly targeted experiences that B2B buyers crave.

Introducing: Targeting Dashboard. Targeting Dashboard provides marketers a breakdown of target accounts according to “predictive models.” 

There are three notable features that come with this innovation:

Account-Engagement Dashboard”: Using analytics from every touchpoint of the customer journey, marketers will be able to understand what interests accounts and “measure the impact and ROI of their account-based marketing programs.”

Targeting Dashboard”: Using data obtained from predictive models, Folloze provides users with a top target account list breakdown, adjusting to fit current business needs.

Intelligent Sales Orchestration”: Folloze fills the need for personalization during troubled times by recommending what sellers should do next.

According to certain Folloze customers, what’s needed now is data and creativity coming together to close the opportunity gap. Folloze’s new capability fosters collaboration through perfect marketing and sales alignment. 

Folloze customers are energized and reinvigorated by the new features of the Folloze platform. 

Original article from MarTech Series on 15 October 2020. 

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