Global B2B Experts Award xiQ Best B2B Content of 2020



xiQ recently won an award for Best B2B Content of 2020. More specifically, the recognition was for an infographic that faced stiff competition from the likes of Apple, LinkedIn, Google, and more. Current events have sparked the need to innovate in lieu of face-to-face meetings, which was a big driver of deals. xiQ, with its content and platform, prepares marketers to embrace that innovation. According to the CEO of xiQ, their platform makes it easier for marketers to cope with lack of in-person meetings.

xiQ is the leading voice in Account-Based Marketing and sales. The platform recently won an award for the Best B2B Content of 2020 with an infographic called, “New Age of B2B Marketing—Innovate or Die.” 

Essentially, the infographic was about how public health has highlighted a need for marketers to innovate in lieu of face-to-face meetings. And xiQ’s content faced stifling competition from the likes of “Apple, LinkedIn, Google, Cognizant, McKinsey and Co amongst others.”

xiQ feels as if their content and platform can help marketers cope with the lack of in-person events onset by emergencies in the present medical landscape. 

Panelist, Maureen Bradford, the VP of Marketing at Community Brands, commented that xiQ was clever in the subject they chose to make their submission on:

“The point they’re making is that businesses need to retool their field marketing personnel to content marketing and demand gen. This is an excellent point! I haven’t seen a lot of think pieces on what happens to field marketing in this era of extended uncertainty. It’s a really savvy thing to highlight.”

Usman Sheikh, the CEO of xiQ, said that in-person events were a big deal for marketers because that’s how they normally would conduct business.

He also added that:

“xiQ bridges that chasm by equipping field marketers and sellers with easy-to-use tools that let them engage buyers without the need for face-to-face interactions. We are proud to have designed a platform that serves the critical need of the hour and of the future. And of course, very grateful to our clients and fans who recognize xiQ’s value and voted for us.”

Original article from PR Newswire on 23 December 2020. 

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