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How an ABM-Focused Marketer Goes About Their Day



The Director of Growth at Engagio, Brandon Redlinger, sat down with Sandra Freeman, Engagio’s Head of Strategic Marketing to discuss what she does throughout the day. What follows is an hourly breakdown of her day, although Redlinger admits that the day documented isn’t typical and that she was probably more hurried than usual. 

Marketing’s changing, and with this swift change, many marketers are left out on the precise details on how to carry out ABM. It’s easy to remember a definition of ABM, another to practice it.

The Director of Growth at Engagio, Brandon Redlinger, had the Head of Strategic Marketing, Sandra Freeman, document then give him a run-down of the day before.

Freeman’s day begins by commuting to work with a coworker, where they discuss and brainstorm ideas on the way over. Once there, Freeman checks what needs following up and how things can be improved. Freeman looks at funnel progression and opportunities that may arise from it. 

Freeman fills about an hour of her time with two ABM standups, each with an account executive and account development representative. For example, an account was lacking executive involvement so they ran a play after doing some research on the decision maker’s interests.

After the standups, Freeman has flex time, which she uses to correct anything not planned for. This can vary wildly in scope, from on-boarding to giving feedback, to helping out around the office.

For the rest of the time between then and lunch hour, Freeman has a meeting with the team where they all share success stories. It helps cultivate ideas.

After lunch, Freeman spends the next hour figuring out how sales development reps can get a head start on their territories. If she’s not doing that, Freeman is coordinating engagement so that they’ll get a different result. 

Freeman spends the following hour on a sales call or customer meeting. In these calls and meetings, best practices are shared, as well as a little bit of Engagio’s perspective on situations. 

She then figures in a break and gets to addressing e-mails after for a half-hour, with the next 30 minutes being about giving marketing feedback on how they’re building the product.

To keep everybody on the team on-track, she attends a 1:1 or a team meeting for an hour. In the last 30 minutes before wrapping up, Freeman helps out the interns, answering questions and providing feedback. 

Redlinger says that this wasn’t what the average day looked like and it was probably a bit more rushed than normal. 

Original article from Engagio on 11 July 2019. 

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