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How to Build an ABM Coalition



Building an ABM coalition is a vital part of any ABM strategy, but many marketers tend to rush into things. To successfully build an ABM coalition, marketers must first engage stakeholders to present their case. But before that, marketers should have a two-way conversation with sales and get organizational buy-in. After, assign responsibilities to everyone involved, but mostly to the sales department. Finish up getting support by showing results figures. 

When it comes to ABM, marketers have the unfortunate habit of placing too much emphasis on the technology that’s supposed to help pick and target accounts. This is a no-no if marketers want to build an ABM coalition. 

To do this, it’s best if marketers target the stakeholders of a company first. A bottom-up approach is the most appropriate here. It would seem very odd to do this first since addressing the people who would be affected by marketers’ ABM efforts would be the logical place to start. Educate them on the ways ABM works, if they don’t already know. 

Then, businesses should finally talk to marketing stakeholders. Secure the buy-in channel managers—anybody who affects and is directly affected by an ABM strategy. Make sure that the creative department is involved. They are the ones that create the content that prospects engage with. It’s important that you approach this like an actual ABM strategy—speak to these people on a 1:1 basis. 

Having a conversation with these individuals will go smoothly if marketers can effectively present the case for ABM to them. This includes what the business’ view of ABM is, what the plan is, and what creative’s responsibilities are. 

To cement how marketing and sales will take away from the conversation about ABM, also show them what success looks like. This compliments what marketing and sales measures. Be certain everybody sees and understands what ABM is expected of them and agrees on it. 

Building an ABM coalition—securing the buy-in and collective collaboration of all involved—is a critical step in an overall ABM strategy. It’s important to get this right because other members may be operating under different guidelines.

Original article from Engagio on 7 June 2019. 

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