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Introducing Smart Pages For Triblio: Make 1:1 Experiences Scalable



Triblio announced a new product called “Triblio Smart Pages.” One of these Smart Pages is a personalized webpage for an individual buyer’s profile. The purpose is for when marketers curate content but don’t have time for a follow-up, a salesperson can pick up the slack with information the marketer left for them. This creates a better buying experience. The option is now available for marketers to add Smart Pages to their ABM program. Triblio Smart Pages can be set with customized URLs for every account within a given audience. Compatible with sales tools such as SalesLoft or Salesforce, salespeople are able to guide the customer down their journey with ease.

Triblio is a provider of ABM services with an ABM platform of the same name. The business recently announced that it is releasing a new product called Triblio Smart Pages. 

And the basic function of these Smart Pages—apart from being a fully-customizable webpage—is that when marketers curate content, sales can use it to create a better buying experience.

According to the CEO of Triblio, Andrew Yee, guiding prospects through the customer journey is important since marketers don’t always have time for follow-up. By inserting the right information into Smart Pages, marketers can empower sales reps to provide that follow up experience at a scaleable rate.

These Smart Pages are able to fit a client’s unique challenges. “For any given audience, marketers can design Triblio Smart Page templates where the messaging and content are in line with existing campaigns.” 

With the Triblio Smart Pages module available, marketers can now create specialized Smart Page templates and “quickly insert account-specific messaging at scale.”

The module can automatically create Smart Pages with customizable URLs for any and every account within a particular audience. 

But it’s not just marketers that can use Triblio Smart Pages. Sales can also use it. In fact, sales can access not only Smart Pages but also a variety of metrics using compatible sales tools, including such tools as SalesLoft or Salesforce, for instance.

To add further value for sales teams, sales reps can edit specific Smart Pages in order to provide a personalized experience for the customer. 

Original article from MarTech Series on 10 December 2019. 

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