Jabmo Debuts Measurement Toolset For ABM Platform



Jabmo released a new measurement toolset for its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform recently. This capability will allow “B2B marketers in complex sales organizations to measure the impact of their marketing efforts in a controlled, scientific manner.” The new toolset is especially handy when trying to prove ABM’s worth when new budgets need to be made. Jabmo customers are already seeing results from the implementation of this feature. 

Jabmo is an ABM platform and a vendor of ABM solutions. The team at Jabmo have devised a new capability of the platform. It centers around trying to justify ABM’s value by showing its effectiveness:

“Namely, the ROI Analysis Toolset provides a comparative analysis of how effective ABM campaigns are in growing business with target accounts compared to a control group of accounts with no account-based marketing. This analysis helps marketers prove their value to stakeholders and obtain more budget to expand profitable ABM programs.”

According to the CEO of Jabmo, Nick Heys, the latest function of the platform takes the scientific method and basically applies it to marketing. 

Heys also commented that:

“The ROI Toolset  not only measures short-term marketing  KPIs,  such as reach and engagement uplift, but it also measures how the campaign is  impacting the sales pipeline, win rates, deal sizes, revenue, and profit contribution. ”

And many Jabmo customers are already benefitting from the most current addition to the platform. One customer claimed that they witnessed a 67% uptick in engagement when comparing ABM and non-ABM accounts. 

Similarly, win rates for ABM accounts at this company were 18% higher over non-ABM accounts. 

In a statement, the chief customer officer of Jabmo, Tav Tepfer, has said:

“B2B marketers  have struggled  to take their legacy marketing automation and lead generation  programs to the next level in the Buying Group Era. With  this new toolset, we give marketers clear metrics to definitively show the value of ABM. It’s compelling to see our sponsors use these metrics to secure greater budgets to expand their ABM programs immediately to impact 2021.”

Original article from MarTech Series on 18 February 2021. 

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