Terminus’s Value Jumps From $96M to Nearly $400M After Securing $90M in Series C Funding



Terminus has announced a round of funding to the tune of $90M. This is a big jump in the value of the company from $96M to nearly $400M. This is probably due to the massive shift to digital because of current events in public health. When this fact is combined with their customer record, the momentum for growth is created.

Terminus is the leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) as an ABM platform. They recently announced a round of $90M in Series C funding. This increased the company’s valuation from $96M to nearly $400M:

“The equity round is being led by Great Hill Partners, with previous investors Atlanta Ventures and Edison Partners, and new backer Hallet Capital also participating. The funding brings the total raised by Terminus — co-headquartered in Atlanta, GA and Indianapolis, IN — to about $120 million.”

This is due in part to the current public health emergency across the globe: it caused a massive shift to digital marketing and made ABM an attractive option for many companies. 

Another reason for Terminus’s success can be chalked-up to the reputation of the companies they’ve helped. For example, their clientele record boasts such companies as Salesforce and Thomson Reuters. 

Tim Kopp, the CEO of Terminus, commented that he believes ABM is the next big thing in sales software. It addresses prospects’ pain at all steps of the buyer’s journey—it’s why many teams are taking the leap from lead- to account-based models.

In an interview, Kopp also stated that he sees tremendous opportunity in bringing marketing and sales teams together. Customers that usually try to bring their teams together on their own are unsuccessful because they try to bring them together from either a marketing or sales perspective.

“Terminus’s platform today consists of a “data studio that brings together sales intelligence, account information, and other data sources to help compile a list of would-be targets. On top of this, it has also been building out a marketing engine that includes the ability to build advertising email and web campaigns, and chatbot management. Some of this has been built in-house, and some has come to the company by way of acquisitions (for example the chatbot functionality comes by way of its acquisition of Ramble last April.”

Kopp is optimistic about the prosperous future ahead for Terminus.

Original article from TechCrunch on 25 February 2021. 

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