The No. 1 Account-Based Execution Software, Alyce, Enjoys Period of Growth as It Leads G2 Categories in 3 Areas



Alyce recently achieved frontrunner status as being the best in Account-Based Execution, as noted by G2. The top Account-Based Execution software enjoys these accolades among other awards, recognition, and praise. This growth is fueled by Alyce’s Personal Experience platform (PX). For G2’s part, their “leaders” are determined by market dominance and customer satisfaction. 

Alyce is a PX platform that focuses specifically on marketing and sales through scalable 1:1 gifting. It has recently been celebrated as being the leader of three categories in G2’s Fall 2020 Grid Reports

These categories are Account-Based Execution Software, Direct Mail Automation Software, and Account-Based Direct Mail Software. 

As the top-ranking Account-Based Execution software, Alyce is also noted for being “#1 for Best Usability and #1 for Best Relationship for Account-Based Execution for its ease of doing business, likeliness to recommend, and ongoing quality of its customer support.” 

Alyce enjoys these accolades among other awards, recognition, and praise, which includes earning the distinction for being an outstanding employer by Forbes on two separate occasions. 

This is due in large part to Alyce’s PX platform, as it feeds Alyce’s groundbreaking growth. In fact, “a  vast percentage of its Annual Recurring Revenue (AAR) [comes] from its enterprise customer base and expansion within [its] enterprise customers, more than doubling year over year.”

According to the Founder and CEO of Alyce, Greg Segall, because businesses had to alter the way they do marketing and sales recently, relationship building with prospects and customers takes center stage. Alyce has an amazing team and graciously accepts these accolades.  

For G2’s part, their “leaders” are determined by market dominance and customer satisfaction. Alyce continues to leave an impression with customers—that’s why it consistently ranks high on G2’s Fall 2020 Grid Reports, remarked Michael Fauscette, the Chief Research Officer at G2.

An example of the reviews G2 takes into consideration is: 

Alyce is Everything! The only way to build pipeline!
It’s literally the only way to build pipeline. I’ve connected and RE connected with dozens of people off of it and even if it’s not the right time, it’s the best foundation for rapport building.
Tanner Albaugh, Commercial Business Development Representative, Adobe

Original article from MarTech Series on 28 September 2020. 

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