TrustRadius Provides New Tool for Marketers to Identify Downstream Intent Data



TrustRadius is providing B2B marketers with the tools they need to identify purchase intent signals. They do this through a tool called the Salesforce Connector. Its purpose is to input data from TrustRadius directly into the CRM platform. The Founder and CEO of TrustRadius says that while intent data is not new, downstream intent data is, and marketers can use it to their benefit. The article provides tips on how to make intent data work.

TrustRadius, a review site specializing in business technology reviews, recently released a new tool that enables marketers to identify downstream intent signals. Downstream intent signals are clear and strong signals of purchasing intent. 

And what TrustRadius has done is devise a way to directly connect their data with the CRM platform, Salesforce.

According to the Founder and CEO of TrustRadius, Vinay Bhagat:

“Companies like Bombora and 6sense have been providing marketers with 3rd party intent data for years. But now marketers and sales teams can tap into downstream intent data—a new category of data that reveals purchase signals further down the buying journey. With the free Salesforce Connector from TrustRadius, marketers and sales professionals are empowered to boost their account-based marketing efforts with higher-quality intent signals.”

This is a good move on TrustRadius’s part since some of the strongest buying signals come in the form of solution-seeking buyers on review websites and platforms. 

“They’re taking specific actions such as reading reviews, comparing products, exploring pricing data, and adding products to their short lists—all of which are some of the strongest signals for intent to buy.”

But there’s a catch: this type of data is only useful in a specific way. So to get the most out of intent data, some actionable tips are provided below:

  1. Input your data into a place where you’re already set up—Salesforce is a good example—and the Salesforce Connector is one way to do it 
  2. Create “predictive models” by fusing top-funnel data with downstream data.
  3. Enrich your downstream data with platforms such as Demandbase or 6sense.

Marketers can find the TrustRadius Salesforce Connector free on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

Original article from on 25 January 2021. 

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