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Watson IoT Using G2 to Fuel ABM Strategy



Watson wanted to make a bigger impact with their clients by personalizing content. They realized they could achieve the desired impact by running their target account list generated by the ABM program they began last year. By teaming up with G2, Watson is better equipped to assess how they compare with their competition, as well as improve personalization efforts.

ClickZ spoke with the CMO of IBM Watson, IoT, Amy Armstrong, recently about their ABM strategy, which they had initiated one year-ago. Watson’s strategy involves the use of G2, which is a P2P (peer-to-peer) review website for marketing technology. 

According to the CMO, when they created the ABM program, they did so with a target list encompassing over 3,000 accounts. Every marketing resource Watson had was put toward reaching that massive list of accounts. 

Being that Watson was already in-the-know about marketing intelligence, the use of G2 as a supplement allows them to get an edge over their competitors. More specifically, with the use of G2, Watson can know what their customers are looking for, as well as how they stack up against their competitors.

Armstrong said that she:

Started this [ABM] program a little less than a year ago for the IoT Watson business and is focused on targeting individual industries with enough content to speak to industry buyers. They do this by ensuring their story is not only relevant to the typical target, but to the full buying group.

This has allowed Armstrong’s team to personalize content more effectively.

Armstrong said that businesses looking to get into the ABM game need to look at leading and trailing performance indicators, as her team has had much success that way. They find new targets, engage them, and make sure to keep that effort up.

Since Armstrong’s team implemented their ABM strategy, they pared down their massive and ambitious target account list. They realized that ABM needs organizational buy-in across the entire organization in order to work effectively. 

Armstrong leads three distinct teams geared toward three distinct audiences. She said in a statement:

To this end, G2 is an important partner for us as we listen to customers more broadly and they’re also very impactful in giving us the buyer intent data. The buyer intent data from G2 tells us the accounts that we’re marketing to overall, what are they looking for, what competitors are they looking at. When companies come into G2, they can request outreach from someone at IBM and we get a lot of high value results from this outreach.

Original article from ClickZ on 21 November 2019. 

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