PFL Releases Address Capture Tool, Automates Marketing to Remote Prospects



PFL is a provider of marketing automation and solutions. They recently announced they’re adding a new tool to make it easier to reach remote prospects. It’s called the Preferred Address tool. The idea of it is that the tool catches prospects’ addresses and automatically sends a gift. Marketers follow up on that gift, tailoring content to the prospect and collecting data in the meantime. The CMO of PFL said that because many people have to work from home, this tool makes getting their addresses easier. The tool can also be used in Account-Based Marketing campaigns.

PFL provides solutions for direct mail and marketing automation. Since many people now have to work from home, the company thought it was a good idea to unveil a tool that removes the difficulty from reaching remote prospects, said CMO of PFL, Nick Runyon.

This innovation—called the Preferred Address tool—captures prospects’ addresses and sends them a gift automatically. Then, marketers can follow up on that gift—collecting data and constantly improving the customer’s experience all the while. 

To put a finer point on it, after the solution sends a gift following the collection of the prospect’s address, the solution then drives prospects to customizable landing pages. “Marketers can [then] follow-up and gather supplementary data, improving personalized content, direct mail and marketing campaign effectiveness.”

The kicker is that the Preferred Address tool can be used in an Account-Based Marketing campaign. 

According to Sangram Vajre, CMO of the ABM platform, Terminus, when you’ve got a mailing list, don’t call prospects right away. Marketers would stand to benefit more if they “warmed up” prospects before a call with non-interruptive messaging. Direct mail is one way to do that.

Further, marketers can provide an integrated brand experience by using direct mail as the basis for an ABM campaign. This way, marketers can add social, e-mail, etc. while they consistently refine their messaging.

After all, the Preferred Address tool is designed to “help marketers engage their remote prospects with increased automation efficiency and potential ROI.”

Nick Runyon also commented that PFL is thrilled to set their customers up for a wonderful branded experience. 

Original article from DemandGen Report on 2 October 2020. 

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